Its color is a mixture of transparent brown and white, it looks wonderful with direct light on it to reflect its natural beauty.
Material Name: Alabaster – Onyx
Material Color: Yellow
Country of Origin: Sinai -Egypt
Material Availability: Tiles & Slabs

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 Slabs Dimensions:
Length: (240 – 340 cm)
Width: Small Slabs (40 up to105 cm) – Big Slabs (up to 120 cm)
Thickness: 20 mm
 Tiles Dimensions:
Available Any dimensions.
Thickness for Floors or Walls: 2mm
Surface Finishes Polished
Common Uses: Ornamental finishes, sinks, antiques, wall cladding, floor decoration, utensils, fountains
Standard Specifications & Technical Data: –
Compressive Strength: (psi) 15800
Flexural Strength: (psi) 1600
Abrasion Resistance Hardness: (Ha) 42.7
Density: (Kg/m3) 2732
Water Absorption: 003%
Modulus of Rupture: (psi) 100