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We provide you with varied sizes and colors Egyptian of marble and granite that comply with industry standards.

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Global marble and granite importers trust Shawkat Stone and Egyptian marble and granite products

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Why Shawkat Stone is your go-to Egyptian marble and granite exporter?

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Dedicated team of experts to handle your orders

  • Our natural stone experts are on a continuous mission of collecting the finest Egyptian marble and granite from many quarries and make sure of its compliance with industry standards.

  • Whatever your project requirements of marble and granite finishes, we can deliver it polished, honed, brushed, rockface, tumbled, antique, and any other finishes.

  • Our packing team will pack your order using the right method for each stone type (slabs – tiles), in order to protect it during shipping.

With more than 30 years of experience in exporting, we know the crucial role of timely shipping to satisfy our clients, so we use premium shipping lines to deliver Egyptian marble and granite stones as quickly as possible to your country”

High quality stones from multiple Egyptian quarries

  • We always diversify our natural Egyptian marble and granite stone sources, so we can always able to fulfill the requests of importers around the globe quickly.

  • We’ve partnered with a wide network of quarries to fulfil the increasing importing requests for major Egyptian marble types like Galala, Sunny, Sinai pearl, and major egyptian granite types like Halayeb, New Halayeb, Rosa and Red Aswan.

  • Rest assured that you will get the Egyptian marble and granite stones that fit the requirements of your project, whether it’s residential or commercial.

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Want to import Egyptian marble and granite at competitive prices?

Whatever your order volume, Our team is ready to handle it

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Great exporting record with importers in many countries

  • Shawkat Stone is a leading marble and granite supplier that belongs to Shawkat group which has been in the field of exporting to international markets since 1990.

  • Shawkat group has a great exporting portfolio with a clientele base in North Africa, Middle East and Europe.

  • Giving these long years of experience in exporting to the global markets, we master the whole exporting process, we also have a fully dedicated logistics department to handle your shipment perfectly.

Many sizes, cuts and colors of marble and granite

  • Egyptian stones have a wide range of natural colors that add a special touch of beauty to surfaces, exterior and interior spaces for residential and commercial projects.

  • We collect the finest tiles and slabs of well known marble and granite like galala marble and new halayeb granite plus many other types that comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

  • Our partner network of quarries in Egypt can provide you with a constant supplies of natural stones that meet your requirements regarding color tone grades, shapes and types.

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Flexible order volumes that fit your business needs

  • The required volumes and types of building materials including natural stones will differ from project to another, and we consider that in our minimum order value.

  • If you are a natural stones importer that deals with big projects we can handle your frequent large orders and ship to your country in a timely manner.

  • And If you are a construction or interior design company, we also can handle your medium or small orders down to just one container.

We love what we do, and our clients love us too!

Shawkat stone client
Shawkat stone client

We will help you import the best types of Egyptian marble and granite stones

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When it comes to marble and granite importing, Shawkat Stone is your trusted exporting partner